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Emerging Creative People is an online shop platform dedicated to emerging creatives and vintage brands.

A wide-ranging project that reflects the need to rethink the way fashion is conceived globally in this period of change. The objective is to highlight how important it is to reduce the waste of goods which here coexists with a fresh, cool, innovative and quality way of creating.

ECP is a network of intertwined connections, of creatives who express themselves by making their art and taste available.

The continuous research and continuous scouting for ECP represent continuous evolution and growth, the birth of new encounters that generate new energies, all with a single objective: to create beauty. Looking at the past, but always looking towards the future.

If you are an emerging designer/artist or have a vintage brand and want to be part of our community, send your application to , we will be happy to understand if a stimulating collaboration can arise between us.

If you are a stylist or costume designer and need to rent garments for your shootings, shows, events, write an email to

Long live the future. Enjoy our reality!

ECP Team